Thank you for taking a moment to read about me!

In brief, I sincerely love helping people. It gives me great delight to help others particularly rediscover freedom in their bodies by feeling tension free and fantastic and in turn have that freedom enhance every other area of their lives.

I discovered massage via a very blessed 25 year career as a professional dancer. It’s what actually brought me to the windy city as I was fortunate to be in the original Chicago cast of WICKED.

8 shows a week dancing in OZ, on Broadway, National Tours and many other high kicking, physically demanding shows (I survived CATS- twice!).  I became highly attuned to every nuance and irksome annoyance my body communicated to me.  It is this intuition I bring to every client/patient.   My body was literally my livelihood and it has become my greatest teacher leading the way to what I now know.  My approach is therapeutic, my technique full of variations and my style healing and compassionate.  Being a natural born seeker, and proverbial student, I am always on the path of continued learning- ask my friends!  I’ve been in school since….um….ever.   Whether it’s a new Thai technique, lymphedema seminar or college Biology class, I take pride in investing in education which ultimately and hopefully shall benefit you!


  • BFA Southern Methodist University
  • Graduate of the European School of Massage
  • The Norton School of Lymphedema ( *Scholarship recipient )
  •  The Norton School Head and Neck Certification.
  • Certified Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist from DeepFeet Academy


  • Was fortunate to have lived abroad for 6 years. Sprechen sie Deutche?
  • Had a very extensive musical theater career performing on Broadway, US National Tours and abroad, performed on the high seas and danced in front of the camera as well.
  • Originally a FL native and began my career as a chipmonk at Disney
  • Is passionate about Breathwork and is half-way trained in becoming a certified breath coach thru Clarity Breathwork in CA
  • I consider myself a born seeker and spiritual enforcer and honor all individuals wherever they may be on their journey

I am also a Licensed Esthetician, obsessive Doxie mom to my sausage pup Willy, occasional print model, actress and dancer in my soul.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey of wellness and connecting!

Love and healing,