“Jacqui is an amazingly compassionate and gifted therapist who is continuously learning and incorporating different modalities into her bodywork to enhance her clients’ health.  After each session, I feel so rejuvenated and uplifted!  I usually book a session or two after I’ve overexerted myself after some physically activity or exercise (yes, I know – not the best thing to do).  I say, ‘Jacqui, Fix Me!’  Whether I’ve been drumming for hours and have tired forearms, shoulders, and back – or whether I’ve been sitting with bad posture and have general tightness, she knows exactly what to do to ‘de-knottify’ the muscles, alleviate pain, and promote healing. I travel from the northwest suburbs to book a session, and it is well worth the trip.  If you book a session with Jacqui, you will definitely feel embraced in warm and caring hands.”

Gerald, Professional drummer, Shaumburg,IL

“This summer I was suffering from continuous bouts of serious lower back pain. I tried everything, visiting both my Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, but nothing removed the pain and sense of instability in my back. One visit to Jacqui was the difference that really mattered. She was able, in short order, to analyze the pain and potential causes and get to work on relieving the problem. I’ve never had a massage that was as targeted at getting to the source of the problem. She is knowledgeable, professional, hard working and a pleasure to work with. Jacqui seriously saved my summer.”

Chris, Chicago, IL

“I was recommended Jacqui from some mutual dancer friends we had in common after waking up with a severe stiff neck.  I had a show that evening and was truly in dire straits.  I was very grateful that Jacqui made herself available at the last minute for the sole purpose of helping me and that alone eased my anxiety which of course only contributed to my poor unmovable neck.  She warmed and worked and stretched me both gentle and strong, but so successful I nearly had full range of motion back.  She used some amazing Doterra product also that helped keep me from locking up again.  She was amazing and truly helped me perform that night and without her I may not have been able to.  Thank you Jacqui, you are not only the kindest person who really cares, but very skilled in your work.”

Natalia, Broadway dancer, NYC

“I had my first ever Ashiatsu massage with Jacqui and in a word, the results were AMAZING.

I’ve had chronic tightness in my legs and hips and have not had much luck with regular deep tissue massage. When Jacqui suggested Ashiatsu I was skeptical. However once she got going on the bars I realized she was able to perform a deeper massage with deeper compressions than i ever experienced. Jacqui is extremely knowledgable and talks you through everything she is doing. I also liked that she asks for feedback and will adjust her massage accordingly. When she was done i felt better than i had in months, and even better the next day. Her space is very clean, comfortable and warm. I could not have asked for a better experience and results. I am now a convert. I will definitley be coming back!”

– Pete Vernon, Evanston

Jacqui is amazing! I went to her after my Body Sculpt lipo, and her lymphatic drainage massages were a crucial part of my recovery. Her technique is gentle and effective, plus she is such a sweet soul! She made me feel comfortable opening up and trusting my body in her hands. I also learned a lot from her about the things I could do at home to support my lymphatic system and help reduce the inflammation. I saw her for 3 sessions, and they were nicely spread out (not too often/not too far apart) and by the last session, I could see significant improvement in my inflammation reduction! Highly recommend!

– Maria,  Chicago

I contacted Jacqui on the recommendation of our nurse that Lymphedema therapy/manual lymph drainage could be comforting and pain relieving to my husband who was in the final stages of cancer. She was instrumental in allowing my husband to sadly end his final weeks with us with comfort, less pain and extra care by providing Lymphedema treatments to him. She was gently, compassionate, respectful and took the greatest tender care of him. I know it brought him much peace and joy to receive this nurturing treatment in his own home.  Jacqui has a true gift in working with severe illness and with patients near their transition. I thank her for her empathy and giving heart.

– Kathy,  Chicago