Ashi-Thai is a variation of traditional Thai massage techniques in which the therapist maneuvers your limbs into deep relaxing stretches.  Muscles are stretched and compressed in ways that lead to a great release of spasms, tension, muscle contraction and constriction. It has been thought of as the ‘lazy man’s yoga’.

For the session no oils are used and the client is dressed in loose clothing while the therapist stands overhead holding onto bars using their own body weight and leverage. The advantage of this, as well as for straight Ashiatsu, is that gravity is utilized allowing a kind of depth and pressure unmatched by any other technique.

“When the body is manipulated and stretched in a passive way, muscles can relax toward optimal lengthening and joints receive maximum benefit due to increased synovial fluid. In other words, when you stretch you can only go so far, when another stretches you, range of motion is always increased.

It as a highly restorative treatment and quite excellent for back and hip pain relief. Ashi-Thai is also effective for all types of athletic injuries as well as significant in helping maintain performance. Most clients report increased flexibility, range of motion, decreased pain and overall greater muscle rebound.

Close your eyes and wake up feeling like you just took a restorative yoga class – Welcome to Ashi-Thai!