From the word “ashi’ meaning foot and “astsu” meaning pressure, Ashiatsu is a one-of-a-kind specialty massage in which the therapist performs the treatment with the use of her bare feet.  Often described as giant soft hands, the treatment itself is known for it’s depth of pressure and consistency.   Bars are typically placed above the table for leveraging the therapist’s body weight while the massage is performed with the whole foot, heels and even toes.   The beauty in this modality is both that the foot can cover more surface area, but even more fantastic is the deep constant pressure using the feet provides.   The therapist can get much deeper and reach muscles you long forgot were there. A fluid sequence of strokes leads to tremendous relaxation at the same time providing one of the most deepest massages you could ever receive.  This treatment is excellent for athletes, dancers, runners, and those with extra tight muscles particularly in the hip flexors, back and legs.

Additional Amazing Benefits!

Ashiatsu, with its unique broad and deep strokes, can create a positive structural change in chronic soft tissues damage. Consistent movements along the spine, para-spirals and lumbar region help to open the intervertebral disc space. In creating this space, all other internal structures resume their natural position thus relieving any irritation on the spinal nerves and connective tissue. This elongation of the spine works in similar fashion to traction, ( remember how good it feels to hang upside down? ) to improve posture, relieve build up pressure and improve structural realignment. Not many massages can say they can actually benefit your bones, Ashiatsu can! And there’s more…

Long expansive strokes from head to toe work fast to stimulate the lymphatic system and parasympathetic nervous system – the calming nervous system. This improves every internal body function and overall sense of well-being. Circulation is also increased bringing rich oxygenated blood to the treated area which helps to release toxins at a faster rate. Muscles are flushed out and neighboring myofascia is stretched helping to release chronic tension patterns and old stored sites of pain.

Warning:  once trying Ashiatsu, many never return back to normal massage again!