Therapeutic Massage

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage is a non-invasive, drug free approach to dealing with many issues related to the physical health of the body. It is also considered the best preventative therapies available to ward off disease due to it’s immune enhancing ability and stress reducing benefits.   It is a manual manipulation of soft body tissues, ( muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments ) to aid one’s entire well-being.  It aims to release extreme muscle tension, address alignment issues, increase circulation and lymph flow ( excellent for your immune system ) increase flexibility, decrease stress, retrain chronic muscle tension patterns and promote deep relaxation.  Whew, that’s a lot of great stuff right there!

My approach is holistic in that every session is customized with your whole body in mind. You are not just an appointment to me,  but a collaboration with mutual intent to work together to address your specific areas of need. I incorporate all the standard techniques, ( Swedish, Deep Tissue and other Eastern techniques ) to keep you pain free and moving freely. Thank you for trusting my caring hands to help you re-balance, de-stress, detox and keep you on path of satisfied health and vigor.  

Some more specific modalities used are:


Slow medium pressure over an area without oil to encourage and stimulate the release of the myofascia tissue located directly above the muscles. Fascia tissue is abundant throughout our body and is often described as a web covering every single structure in the body. Under normal conditions our fascia is quite flexible and pliable yet physical trauma, inflammation, high stress, and injury can leave the fascia tight and restricted creating tension. When gently warmed, stretched and released it is as if the fascia has taken a giant deep breath creating a ripple effect and the body can then more readily handle deeper muscles tissue work.


Much has been written and studied regarding Trigger point therapy in recent years. In essence it is a technique in which pressure is focused on specific tender points as a means to release it’s stored up tension and decongest toxicity (congested neurotransmitters)  responsible for the pain.


Cross fiber friction is a another technique aimed at releasing tension, however pressure and hand motion goes in the opposite direction of the muscle fibers, thus ‘flooding’ the tissue unexpectedly with all kinds of chemical goodness to help flush out the toxins and neuroreceptors responsible for pain and keeping the muscle tight.  Excellent for those with lower back pain.


So very good for you, Body Mobilization Techniques involve passive movement  of your joints.  It is an outstanding modality for ‘pumping’ the joints, increasing range of motion,  addressing alignment issues and stimulating lymph flow. It is highly beneficial after injury to aid recovery.


Without getting too technical PNF stretching is both a passive and active stretching technique combining the dual phase of the contract/relax sequence.  It is highly effective for increasing flexibility, motor performance, and enhancing the rehabilitation process after injury.