Manual Lymph Drainage

Healing Body Massage & Lympatic Therapy Chicago

What is Manuel Lymph Drainage?

Manuel Lymph Drainage ( MLD ) is a safe, effective technique that utilizes a light and slow rhythmic like touch to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid through out the body.  Though gentle in nature, it stimulates the lymph vessels to contract thus transporting waste, proteins, toxins, and excess fluid via the lymphatic system to the nodes to be filtered.  In essence, the lymphatic system purifies our blood.  Filtered blood then returns back into the circulatory system. Enhancing this process of filtration has many therapeutic and medical benefits such as:

– Decreasing swelling
– Reduces inflammation
– Enhances the immune responses
– Detoxifies
– Promotes accelerated healing from injuries or surgeries
– Has an analgesic effect thus decreasing pain
– Promotes deep relaxing thus stress reducing
– Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system
– Minimizes scar formation related to surgeries
– Weight loss

Who may benefit:

– Anyone with a sluggish immune system
– Auto-immune disease/s
– Sufferers of chronic pain
– Frequent colds
– High stress
– Migraines
– Insomnia
– Allergies
– Oncology ( chemo or radiation patients )
– Post surgery swelling and inflammation
– Lymphedema
– Lipodema
– People with fibromyalgia

I am also fully trained to assist those in need of decongestion compression bandaging.   For general swelling, maintenance of lymphedema sypmtoms, and/or wound recovery, compression bandaging can greatly assist healing, fluid movement and detoxification.

What is a session like:

Sessions are typically  45-60 minutes using a very light touch technique called “skin stretching.  This begins with a series of neck and stomach compression sequences to activate the deeper nodes. As the rest of the body is treated full lymphatic flow is intently activated. This is  followed by focused attention on areas with swelling and/or concern.  MLD  does not work the deeper layers of muscles, but rather the lymphatic system itself which lies directly beneath the skin atop the muscles.

Personal note:

I came to discover this amazing therapy because Lymphedema was a terrible symptom of the disease that took my beautiful Mom home to heaven in May of 2015. It was the ONLY therapy out of the plethora of therapies and medicines that helped ease her tremendous pain as it educes a high analgesic effect by directly stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system ( our calming nervous system opposite of flight or flight ).   I have her to thank for introducing me to this amazing therapy and know somewhere in the orbit of destinies and ‘meant to be’s’ she has guided my education and opened the doors for me to share and now give to others what helped her so much.  Her presence is with me with each client I humbly serve.